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My 15 Seconds of Fame in The Herald Sun

BY Peter Cook IN success storiesmarketing

You may remember a few weeks ago I wrote about Thought Leadership in this blog .
Well my friend Paula at the Herald Sun read it too, and called to ask if I'd be happy to be interviewed about thought leadership as a marketing tool in small business. I considered her request carefully for about six milliseconds before acquiescing. Check out what she wrote in last week's paper.


The piss your customers off strategy

BY Peter Cook IN serviceleadership

I flew to Bali using frequent flyer points a few weeks ago, which meant we were on a Jetstar flight. I think they have made a strategic decision to piss their customers off. Or at the very least to differentiate themselves on ticket price only, try to then squeeze every dollar they can out of their customers, and not care at all about how their customer's feel.


Thought Leadership in Small Business

BY Peter Cook IN leadershipinspiration

I've recently spent a week in Sydney with Matt Church becoming an accredited Thought Leaders Mentor ... another string to add to my business coaching bow.
Consequently I've been thinking a lot about how thought leadership can help small business.
Thought leadership in a particular field means being an expert, but it's more than that. It's actually about extending the thinking in that area.


Hidden assets in your business

BY Peter Cook IN thrivingsalesproductioninspiration

You may recall my last blog about getting on the phone and making cold calls - with exceptional results.

Well, we actually held the seminar last week, which was also really the launch of our new business. The outcome we were looking for from the event was to sell licenses to our System at the reduced price for our launch of around $4k. We had 12 people along on the night. Of those 2 had already bought the system, 2 were partners and one was an employee of Deb's, so we had seven prospects. A good rule of thumb for these sort of nights is to convert one in four, so I said to Deb that two sales would be a good result. So how did we go?

We had four people sign up on the night, and another one who probably will when she gets back from a holiday. Potentially 5 out of 7. Again an extraordinary result - over 70%.

What made it so successful? And am I ever going to link this back to the subject of the blog?


Cold calling ... for the first time in 10 years

BY Peter Cook IN salesmarketing

A couple of days ago I got on the phone and did some cold calling for the first time in 10 years (cold calling is ringing up someone out of the phone book that doesn't know you from a bar of soap). The last time I cold called was when I was just starting out as a business coach - and the results back then were nothing to write home about. In fact I think over six months of fairly consistent cold calling I didn't get a single client. Since then I've been in the fortunate position of getting enough business coaching clients through referrals, so it's been a while (which is lucky really, because I if I was relying on my cold calling skills I think I'd be on the street by now).

You are probably thinking "what on earth prompted you do that again?"


The Power of the Sales Target

BY Peter Cook IN salesinspiration

 Last month I met with a client 2 days before the end of the month, and he
was three sales short of his quarterly target of 30 sales. We could have
been satisfied with that, but instead we decided to keeping going full out
for the target until the end of the quarter.

We came up with the great "Get my business coach off my back" sale. 


Moral of the story - don't underestimate how much your customers want and need (and will pay for!).

BY Peter Cook IN salesmarketinginspiration

Espresso machine We ran on the weekend. We ask for feedback at the end of the workshop, including what we can improve. We had a few comments like "nothing comes to mind. that's a first!" and simply "all good," as well as "open window was too cold" and "bring an espresso machine." I think if we've got it to the level where the only complaint someone can come up with is that we only have filter coffee and not an espresso machine, we must be doing a few things right!


The professor and the soccer hooligan

BY Peter Cook IN personal storiesleadership

I was listening to a podcast from and heard about this fascinating study. They set up a challenging mini golf course. But before each of the subjects played, they were told "this is a test of your physical intelligence." The result - the white subjects on average played four strokes better over the course than the black subjects. Doesn't sound that surprising - golf clubs are often exclusive and expensive, maybe more whites play golf than blacks, maybe mini golf isn't a typical African-American family outing.

Here's where it gets interesting though. They made one small change to the experiment. This time they told the subjects "this is a test of your natural athletic ability." The result was startlingly different.


Getting the dirt from our customers

BY Peter Cook IN serviceleadership

 You may recall a blog I wrote back in October last year "What do your customers say about you ... even when you are not there?". I wrote about - a company that surveys customers, not about customer satisfaction, but about customer loyalty. As CEO Craig Cherry says "a satisfied customer isn't enough - a satisfied customer probably won't come back, and probably won't refer anyone. You need loyal customers."

At the time I said I was ready to bite the bullet, and find out what our customers really thought about The Money Workshop. And I promised I'd let you know how we went - here's the verdict.


Lessons from Bali (and some hilarious signs)

BY Peter Cook IN visionpersonal storiesleadershipinspiration

Our two month Bali adventure is over, so I thought I'd share some of our lessons.

You may recall we were on a 10 day holiday in Bali in May last year, and I was staring out to sea reflecting on my business. I realised that while the business had grown (the team was up to ten people), I was working harder than ever, feeling more stressed, and not really loving my business. As I watched the fishing boats sailing back into shore I thought I need more of this.

I then said to Trish what would we need to do in the business to be able to be a way for two to three months and still have everything run?

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